Caribou360 is introducing a brand-new project in Alaska: Alaskan Cuisine!

Caribou360 is introducing a brand-new project in Alaska: Alaskan Cuisine!

Alaskan Cuisine is more than the average food ordering platform. It was made to be the best solution for people looking to order food for delivery, but also for pick-up and even book a table at their favorite restaurant! With the launch of Alaskan Cuisine, ordering food in Alaska has never been easier! Caribou360 enables people to find the best restaurants in the area, as well as find any other types of foods if they’re in the mood for something different.

Perhaps, you want to discover something new – or maybe you just want to enjoy your favorite meal, but you don’t really feel like driving anywhere or going out. If that’s the case, Alaskan Cuisine is the right platform for you. Connecting customers and restaurants isn’t just what we do: it’s our passion.

People means community, and community means food. Sharing a meal has often been a heartwarming social practice – a way to bond with family, friends, and other people, and pretty much the only thing we all agree on, regardless of our background and culture. Food is something that’s special, and people love to share it! With that in mind, Alaskan Cuisine was created with the specific intention to help restaurants and customers in Alaska to connect. Alaska is a wild, vast state, and there are so many hidden gems in the local restaurant world. Through Alaskan Cuisine, users will be able to find the best restaurants in the state, as well as enjoy some unique dining experience.

The Alaskan Cuisine project is a work in progress and will be updated with new features and design improvements on a regular basis. The current version took about a year and a half to develop, some ideas had to be postponed to meet our deadline but will for sure be added later. However, what’s really special about it are the mobile apps. The lightweight mobile app will let you order food from anywhere in Alaska, this is where the interaction begins, and where users can seamlessly look for restaurants to fall in love with! For restaurants we’ve created the Alaskan Cuisine Remote and Driver app, to manage orders and deliveries, especially tracking your delivery drivers in real time without having to be in front of your computer. Delicious food is just a few taps away, whether you want to order for delivery, pick up, or take away. Payment is just as quick as ordering, and more importantly, it is as secure as ever, due to Alaskan Cuisine’s state-of-the-art technology.

Alaskan Cuisine is perfect for restaurant owners because this service is a lot more affordable than similar platforms. We also deeply care about our impact on the community, as mentioned earlier. However, we aren’t just saying it. We’re actually going to donate 10% of each subscription to The Ocean Cleanup, a remarkable organization that’s working hard to fight pollution in the oceans, and help us reap the life-giving benefits of the sea, and of a beautiful, clean planet as nature intended.

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