Cloudflare, a very popular CDN service company recently partnered with APNIC and announced a new and secure DNS resolver at a prestige network address, User data is an important asset for the DNS provider, some of them even sell data to other parties. The misuse of user data from by Cambridge Analytica is the latest example of what can happen when someone has access to your data. Lots of similar incidents happened in the past several years. This might be the revolutionary step taken by Cloudflare and APNIC to stop giving access to your data. If you have no idea what I’m actually talking about, let’s have a look at the basics.
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Is the IT-Security of your company safe?

If you are responsible to answer this question, you are engaged in the security of your company and therefore supposed to use hacking techniques to achieve realistic results. Break through the firewall, access the DMZ and the internal LAN network. Get yourself access to the Windows domain and administrator accounts. Access the ERP servers and the different VLAN’s and so on. You know how to do this, right? Don’t worry, Caribou360 is here to help!
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