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Blockchain: How it Affects Legal Liability

The blockchain is seen by some people as a revolutionary or disruptive development in the field of financial technology today. For some people in this industry, these digital ledgers are viewed as a gateway or foundation to more innovations in the field. While the consensus is still out on what this recordkeeping system means in the world of Fintech, there is no denying that it helped in the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by providing a tamper-free and safe environment for viewing and tracking transactions. This type of technology is certainly a far cry from your average neighborhood bookkeeper or accountant. The question is, how does blockchain factor in our existing laws and affect liability in general?
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Steemit and DTube from Steem Community, green cryptocurrency revolution is here

If you are not living under a rock, you have likely heard a lot of buzz about blockchain technology lately. There are countless articles on the web, enough chit chatting on the local places, all are about how the blockchain technology is changing the entertainment industries, social media, and IT areas. But, what is it really, or are people just making a fuss about cryptocurrency from everywhere? Let’s talk about the blockchain technology (details may seem a little bit technical, but the basic concept isn’t).

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