Caribou360 is introducing a brand-new project in Alaska: Alaskan Cuisine!

Alaskan Cuisine is more than the average food ordering platform. It was made to be the best solution for people looking to order food for delivery, but also for pick-up and even book a table at their favorite restaurant! With the launch of Alaskan Cuisine, ordering food in Alaska has never been easier! Caribou360 enables people to find the best restaurants in the area, as well as find any other types of foods if they’re in the mood for something different. Continue reading “Caribou360 is introducing a brand-new project in Alaska: Alaskan Cuisine!”

Guest Contribution

Blockchain: How it Affects Legal Liability

The blockchain is seen by some people as a revolutionary or disruptive development in the field of financial technology today. For some people in this industry, these digital ledgers are viewed as a gateway or foundation to more innovations in the field. While the consensus is still out on what this recordkeeping system means in the world of Fintech, there is no denying that it helped in the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by providing a tamper-free and safe environment for viewing and tracking transactions. This type of technology is certainly a far cry from your average neighborhood bookkeeper or accountant. The question is, how does blockchain factor in our existing laws and affect liability in general?
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Caribou360 supports The Ocean Cleanup and you can too!

The Ocean Cleanup is an organization that was established to develop an effective way to rid the world’s oceans of the plastics that have been accumulating in larges areas called ocean garbage patches. There are five of these garbage patches located in different oceans throughout the globe, the largest of all of them is located in the Pacific Ocean.
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Cloudflare, a very popular CDN service company recently partnered with APNIC and announced a new and secure DNS resolver at a prestige network address, User data is an important asset for the DNS provider, some of them even sell data to other parties. The misuse of user data from by Cambridge Analytica is the latest example of what can happen when someone has access to your data. Lots of similar incidents happened in the past several years. This might be the revolutionary step taken by Cloudflare and APNIC to stop giving access to your data. If you have no idea what I’m actually talking about, let’s have a look at the basics.
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Is the IT-Security of your company safe?

If you are responsible to answer this question, you are engaged in the security of your company and therefore supposed to use hacking techniques to achieve realistic results. Break through the firewall, access the DMZ and the internal LAN network. Get yourself access to the Windows domain and administrator accounts. Access the ERP servers and the different VLAN’s and so on. You know how to do this, right? Don’t worry, Caribou360 is here to help!
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Steemit and DTube from Steem Community, green cryptocurrency revolution is here

If you are not living under a rock, you have likely heard a lot of buzz about blockchain technology lately. There are countless articles on the web, enough chit chatting on the local places, all are about how the blockchain technology is changing the entertainment industries, social media, and IT areas. But, what is it really, or are people just making a fuss about cryptocurrency from everywhere? Let’s talk about the blockchain technology (details may seem a little bit technical, but the basic concept isn’t).

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Crypto Miner

Everything you need to know about CoinHive

Past few weekend, some of the most popular websites were detected to be operating a script that lets the sites to mine users extra CPU power for the cryptocurrency, as denoted out by users on Twitter. The distressed websites incorporated was, but it has been removed following reports from Gizmodo and other web portals. The crypto mining .js file is called CoinHive, and according to the site, it was made as an option to banner ads as a different way for website owners to get throughout disturbing ad-blockers. Some ad-blockers have now added on the record of the banned.

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Artificial Intelligence

I am Groot… I mean, Chatbot

Have you ever heard of Cleverbot? If so, you probably think it’s a nice gimmick, but serves no real use except some entertainment. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Robots or Chatbots are among the hot debated subjects in many companies. What’s behind it, what can Chatbots do, and who is already using it? I did a quick research and ended up with purchasing a book about programming Chatbots.

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Disable root access for your SSH Server

This is just a short tutorial about one of many possible ways to protect your server from external attacks. If you’re running a Server you’ll probably access it via SSH and as root user. This is a default setting, but easy to fix with almost no effort. Since you’re able to log in as root, others will be able to log in as root as well. Therefore, we’re adding an extra layer of security while we’re removing direct root access and only force one specific user to log in. Continue reading “Disable root access for your SSH Server”