Microsoft reward program: Search with Bing and get paid

A new Microsoft reward program has been developed recently. This seems to be a new way to promote their own search engine and browser once again. Microsoft has been trying to play a role in the browser and search engine market for years. It is rumoured that Bing has a share of about 20% of users which means hardly anyone is using it. Continue reading “Microsoft reward program: Search with Bing and get paid”


Hello from Caribou360

Hello from Caribou360

After fixing the last obvious bugs I’m releasing to the public today. It might look a bit scrambled together and honestly it is but I really had to get it out of the door now.

For advertising purposes I wanted to score a 100/100 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights because it would be awesome right? So I ended up at 94 and 99 but quickly realized that the site will lose its dynamic with all these optimizations and for a score of 100 I would have needed to remove my slider as well. I asked myself are people really this bored and check another one’s PSI to see if they’re good at it? Probably a few so I decided to explain why. Thanks for the content. I’m also keeping the Google Maps API in it because who cares.

Actually, there is nothing more to it. If you want an awesome website contact me!